Wednesday, 14 December 2011

We venture into Cambridgeshire


Chris Bentley had the idea. Martin Gorman agreed it would be a good thing to do during retirement. Fiona Forgham and Will Wiseman shared the interest and wanted to come along when they were free. So the photographic expeditions to East Midlands churches began, starting with Rutland in 2009.

After 2 years and mounting numbers of digital photos we wanted to "do something with them" so this shared blog has come about.  It is not going to be a complete record of church exteriors.  Any topic, narrative, historical or architectural, is likely to come up and will reflect our personal interests in the region where we have worked for many years, mainly in the field of town and country planning and, in Will's case, transport planning.


Our 9th trip. On this occasion, our furthest expedition so far, Martin, Chris and Fiona couldn't resist crossing the southern edge of the regional boundary to have a look at the splendours of the old Soke of Peterborough area. After all, it was part of the ancient county of Northamptonshire and therefore in the East Midlands until 1888. Barnack and Castor churches are exceptional and the John Clare memorial at Helpston and Glinton's fine needle spire are features of interest. On the Lincolnshire side of the divide Deeping St James was a priory church with a central arcade in the nave and the rich carving of the chancel arch at Tickencote in Rutland is wondrous to behold.
Anglo Saxon Christ figure at Barnack, found quite recently




John Clare memorial

Deeping St James


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